I'm Back

Most of my life I have spent it in Christianity.  Then for about three years I walked away and lived life as and researched a wide variety of other beliefs.  About 2 to 3 months ago I came back home (to Christianity).  And it is very interesting the deeper understanding and change of perspective I have now when reading the bible.  The time spent away I believe really helped me when I came back to go deeper with God.  I see now more so why it is so important to truly live out the word and what things I was missing before about things I needed to fix.  I came back not because I truly believed Christianity was the only way, but because "my life just works better that way" as I explained to my ex-husband.  I do believe that my faith is stronger now and I am reaching new levels with God now, more then I ever did before.  Everywhere I turn it seems God is blessing me, guiding me, and showing me just how faithful He really is even though I am human and make many mistakes.  I truly believe with all my heart that God loves me and is teaching me to go deeper in Him and to walk a closer walk with Him.  Everyday I pray and praise Him.  All my needs are met and then some and He is answering my prayers and giving me wisdom on what to pray and how to pray.  Christianity is more than just a religion, and those who use it as such are surely missing out.  I want to encourage everyone to truly live a spirit led life.  The results are amazing when you trust God and the guidance He sends.  If anyone doubts Christianity, I want to encourage you to truly try it for your life wholeheartedly for 3 months consulting the bible and God in everything you do.  God is amazing and has blessed me so much.  I hope and pray I maintain the right attitude truly letting go and let God.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

God bless you sister! Awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing.

I see other religions as man reaching out to God, but Christianity is God reaching out to man.