If It Was Not For God Where Would I Be??????

God is a big part of my life. There have been times when I turned my back on God but he continued to be there and keep me safe.  My father passed Jan. 19 after his 2nd fight with cancer. Doctors told him he would only make it a few hours to a few days. But God showed man that he was in control! He lived seven months when man told him other things.  I find joy in know that God is in control of  it all.  I am the mother of a five year old little girl who had problems at birth. I was also sick!! God has blessed us both. My little girl has no life long health problems. My blood pressure has whent down. This is just a few things that My GOD has blessed me with. I am a christian and hope that by sharing some of my story that I will meet people that can help me on my christian journy. :)

justme290 justme290
26-30, F
Mar 16, 2010