I Am Super Frustrated...

I am a 20 almost 21 year old girl... I have been ************ on a regular basis since I was fifteen, before that i started to explore myself quite a bit.. I can't stop... i ********** at least twice a day if i don't have sex... I get anxious if i don't and i get anxiety and i get angry.. I will ********** for hours at one time.. its ruining me.. it makes me hate myself.. sometimes i watch **** or other times i think about stuff thats buging me in my life while i do it... and sometimes i fall asleep while doing it.... I need help, I don't know what to do... i lock myself in my room for hours and i'll be late to things because i do it... I have four vibrators that i use at the moment... :/ i have tried not using them or throwing them away... but then all of a sudden after about three days - a week i'll panick and use something in my house to ********** and hurt myself...:( i've gotten slightly better about not doing it until i bleed but once in a while i do and then i scare myself.... does anyone have any advice? i need help :( 

icantflyforever89 icantflyforever89
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

************ is not your problem. It's your thinking that ************ is wrong - that's the problem. Loosen up and accept your body's needs, fulfill them, and you'll be happier. Life is too short, you know? If you're alone, in private, doing it to yourself, it feels great, you love it... why the shame? Are you not able to ******, perhaps? Is that a part of the problem? I hope you can learn to accept yourself and understand that ************ is natural, normal, healthy, and universal!