Circumcised And Proud:)

It seems the anti-circ activists love to promote the idea tha circumcision is dangerous and useless. Well is it? First, if we lived in a perfect world
withought harmful viruses etc.and if body parts such as a foreskin never caused a person any problems, then maybe we could consider circumcision harmfull
and useless. Sorry but its not a perfect world. Viruses such as HIV,Herpes and HPV all have an easier time entering the inner surface of the foreskin
either through small tares in the lining or because of the immune response from such cells as Langerhan. Unfortunately an immune response to a virus such as
HIV and Herpes is pretty much the same as the Trojan horse, and once its in its there to stay.

As we all know, a number of studies show each of these viruses to be more common in the uncircumcised. Circumcision is not a cure all but it is considered
by many to be a preventive measure. Yes condoms provides protection from these viruses, but you are living in a fantasy world if you think for one second
that people always use them.

Have you ever checked into unplanned pregnancies for example, especially among young people, i think this speakes for itself.

From day one after an infant is circumcised, benefits start. UTI's are less frequent for the first year of life, phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, thrush,
cancer, frenulum tares (which can be very painful involving a lot of blood ) can all be either reduced or eliminated for a lifetime. As for ceanliness,
well, thats a no brainer.

******, and fermented urine can form under the foreskin within a couple hours especially if small amounts of urine get trapped and start mixing with oils
and shedded skin. Many reports describe the smell as repulsive.

If anything can be done to help give someone and better defence against any these problems then maybe it should be considered more and parents should start
requesting it more often.

If those of you who believe it should be the right of the individual to make this decision when he is an adult, instead why not give your son all the
information he needs to partially or fully restore his foreskin, or at least keep the glans and upper shaft covered through stretching, taping etc.. according
to anti-circ activists there are a lot of men/boys doing this and are happy with the results.

So if you can get all the benefits from your at birth circumcision for the first part of your life, say until your late 20's and 30's then go ahead and try
restoring..(even keeping the head and upper shaft coverered for periods of time will increase sensitivity ) many of these guys say the sensation increases
and sex etc. is better or different at least, many of them also say that restored men (or newly resensitized) are better off than uncircumcised men
because they can compare the differences and appreciate it more than if they were uncircumcised all their lives. Its like having a totally different
feeling penis and /or looking from then on a whole new enjoyable experience for the rest of your life....almost like a brand new start.

So being circumcised at birth (best time done) then living for 25-45 years of your life, and getting all the benefits from it then increasing your sensitivity
and appreciating it more, even moreso than an uncircumcised male, then you get the best of both worlds. sounds like the plan to me..

So don't feel as though you were violated because of being circumcised at birth (withought your permission).. instead realize all the benefits it has provided for you
plus the sex and ************ during your younger years were pretty damn good:) I never heard of a young circumcised guy complain. (If he does its mostly
in his mind...mostly because of the negative untruths the anti-circ groups spread everywhere.)

Reap all the benefits of being circumcised and regaining sensitivity and appearance later in life and be greatfull..
and pass on a circumcision to any son we have in the future..
Its worked for me:) ask any questions you need to.
take care
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I am circumcised and quite pleased with my level of sensitivity, the cleanliness and comfort not to mention the function and aesthetics. There is a misconception that there is a loss in sensation - I have plenty of sensation and I savour each nuance slowly and with great care when making love. My Dear Wife likes it too. I don't understand what all the fuss is about where other people are telling us how to raise our children or what we should do or not. If they want to leave the foreskins on their children fine but if we want our children to enjoy the same benefits we have enjoyed and choose this for them then that is our choice as parents and others had just best accept it.

I was circumsised for medical reasons when I was 12 and it was painful. I felt many years as mutilated and cheated because I had not recieved correct information before the surgery.<br />
But when I had my first experiences with girls I was surprised to see how they appreciated it. They said it is more hygienic, more attractive and so sexy. Now, i'm also vasectomised but the first compliment is still for the circumcision, the vasectomy is mostly the second.<br />
So, now, I'm proud of both but you can only see the first: the circumcision

Written by Eileen Marie Wayne, M.D.<br />
"Risks of penile surgery: irritation from underwear, infection, hemorrhage, failure of the wound to heal, growth of painful neuromas, inability to remove the entire foreskin, the need for further procedures to remove the remaining foreskin, skin tags and bridges of skin tags re-adhering to the remaining raw glans, chronic pain, partial loss of erogenous sensation, total loss of erogenous sensations, loss of ability to become or remain erect, total loss of erections, painful erections, impotence, and total loss of the penis."<br />
<br />
Some men circumcised as adults report a 50 to 90 percent loss of erogenous sexual feeling. They compare the circumcised sexual experience to a single violin rather than a full orchestra, black and white rather than color, two-dimensional rather than 3-D, bland rather than spicy, and localized rather than total body experience. Pain after foreskin amputation lasts 2-6 weeks. There is pain on urination for two weeks. Keratinization (leathery callus formation) and loss of feeling of the mucous membrane of the glans continues throughout life. There is a 100% loss of the foreskin’s erogenous nerves, blood vessels, gliding mechanism, lubrication, infection-preventing lysozyme, loss of the mobility of the remaining skin of the shaft, loss of the erogenous mucous membrane of the glans, and possible negative associations with sex and the sex organs. There will be a scar, skin discoloration, and possibly keloid formation at the amputation site. A circumcised male can never know the lubricating, gliding, and erogenous functions of his lost foreskin. <br />
<br />
Mothering Magazine: Where is my Foreskin?<br />
<br />
And it is Illegal, The 14th Constitutional Amendment extends the equal protection of the Federal Female Genital Mutilation Law to males. The 14th Amendment provides for "equal protection regardless of age, gender or race-- No State shall make or enforce any law which . . .denies to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Why pray tell are you posting on this experience? I think there are foreskin lovers sites that would be more appropriate for you to post your stuff on. Perhaps you should consider restricting yourself to those sites.