I Love Being Cut!

For me, it's cleaner, and it looks better too, especially when u shave it bare, nice and smooth. Even some of my friends at the gym I go to who have sucked me off or *********** with me compliment my smooth cut ****. And that BS about ************ on a cut **** is less erotic is just wrong :)
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

Yes, for me it's the erotic sight of the naked glans that gives me the big sexual thrill. The effect is so strong I sometimes feel it's almost mystical. I believe the Egyptians worshipped the sun god, Ra. who was represented by the mushroom-like orb of the rising sun. It was from them that the Jews learned of the fore---in removal. I'm glad they did! Many African tribes and Polynesians ritually circumcise the young males. I have witnessed one of these ceremonies.
For me I have been fascinated at the circumcised member since I was a kid, but I'm still at a losss to explain WHY the excitement is so potent, whether it's a naked glans in the shower, or the revealing shape in briefs, boxers or tight speedos which clearly outline the ridge of the knob .

Very articulate and erudite comment. I would like to add: 'the stout mushroom beats out the slimey slug any day!' ...

i agree

I think the circumcised penis is more attractive than an uncircumcised one. I prefer the stout mushroom over the slimey slug any day!

Slimey slug. Never heard it referred as that before, but the phrase does say it all. I also agree that a circumcised member looks much more appealing and it's what I'm used to.

Look, I don't wanna sound gross ... but ... if I'm gonna suck on some random guy's d-ck I want it to be nice and clean and circumcised. If I'm just giving the dude a hand job it could be either way.

Even for a hand job I find that I prefer to pull the skin back taut and oil the penis. I find that the foreskin is often unpractical and chafes easily if you use it to ********** your lover. Not even taking into account the fact I don't like my fingers to smell like foreskin. For a ******* I pull it back and let it "air" for a little while if it's uncut...but it always smells anyway, unfortunately. So, just like my wife, I rarely blow uncut lovers.