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Ok, I've read some stories here and I have been comforted...maybe I'm not crazy after all!

I've been hearing/seeing/experiencing things for years but always dismissed it. I never talked about it because once, when I was young, I said something to my mom and I was told to "stop that because people will think I'm crazy". So I let things continue but kept it all to myself.

I'm married with a 4 year old who seems to have inherited abilities from me. So now that she is better able to communicate, I have began to talk to my husband about my experiences and talk with my daughter about hers. We live in the house I grew up in and for years I would wake up with bruises and minor lacerations but never made a big deal out of it due to the things my mom told me and then my desire to suppress it. When my daughter was not able to sleep through the night, woke up screaming, and had unexplained bruises I called my pastor to come bless the house. We had to do that twice. Thing have been much quieter here since and I'm enjoying that.

But I am hearing more from 'friendlier' spirits now. Is it because I have acknowledged the fact that I can hear/see spirits? It feels like a flood gate has opened. I clean my church on Thursdays and I swear, I have been talking in my mind to a young woman who told me her name is Lydia. OK, so I go a few times over the last couple months and I hear her talking to me. I talk back occasionally and that is when physical  things happen (she pushed the vacuum over, scared my daughter-though I think that was unintentional, and has moved small objects). I looked her up at the historical society and I found her. I even asked her last week if her full name was Lydia Stinson and she responded yes. I am excited about this revelation but I have got to say, I still doubt myself. I want to believe I'm not completely crazy and me finding this grave with the age I guessed her at by her youthful appearance and 17th century attire are not just some sort of coincidence. But anyway, I discovered this girl, Lydia was born in 1805 and died 1824 in Stillwater, NJ. My church has been in operation since the mid 1700s. So this all seems possible, but I just still don't know. Could I be crazy or is this real ability? I want to figure this out seriously because my daughter is definitely showing signs of being sensitive to the paranormal.

So if anyone could offer some advice or help or anything I'd appreciate it. I am still a little afraid of this stuff but I don't want to discourage my daughter or make her feel like she is crazy like my mom did to me.
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Look, peopel who think they're crazy, they're not.

I truly believe that you are having psychic experiences, and it's very possible that your daughter has inherited that from you. I've had trouble talking to my mom about this stuff took her a long time and a personal experience for her to believe me. Anyway, in my opinion, the more you acknowledge these experiences, the more you'll grow and learn about it. It can be scary at times, but you have to learn to not be afraid, both for yourself and your daughter. About the goings on in your house; it sounds like a malicous ghost from what you've said. Just mild scratches and bruises come from something less powerful that what I usually deal with, however this is still unacceptable. You should learn how to protect yourself against these mean spirits before something more catastrophic happens. I use the white light technique (surrounding yourself in a protective white light), and it seems to work pretty well. Wow..haha I've ranted on for a while now...sorry about that...if you have any other questions, you can PM me. :)