Just The Way I Am

It started when I was about 8-10,nightmares of someone calling my name!Then it was a hummimg or buzzing sound in my head with someone calling my name!It is hard to understand :( Now at the age of 36 it has returned..today for the first time in YRS I heard someone call my name!No one was home,I hope Im not going crazy!Also I have have things turn on and operate by themselfs!WHAT do I do!!!My husband Im sure thinks Im crazy!
Loveridge Loveridge
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Wow, that is really paranormal. But the paranormal exists and happens every day. Maybe you should try some Reiki and praying to Jesus Christ. That usually helps me out. I'll think more about the things that happen to you and see what can be!

Try to enjoy it. It's monumentally special!