Claireaudient Experience Or Not?

All of my life I have called myself a human jukebox. I will instantly get a  tune, or lyric that I can't identify at first hand. Then I play the lyricds out in mu head (because I know, I feel the song its familiar.

I know that over the last six months (of uneemployment) that I have experienced something. In fact it has been so profound that as I went thru the lyrics and reached the start of the lyric that just poped in my head that ot was a message in asong just for me.  I know it. three maynbe the fourth time when I just knew I began to cry. I was not sad or scared. Each event was similiar in that I knew without a doubt  that something was showing me love me and confirming my thoughts.


Just now as I acknowledge thos for the first time another occurance that happened to me. A song came into my head and I can recall noe that it felt the same. I knew the song was some sort of message to warn me. At the time I chalked it up to emotions and nervousness. Lopking back, that  situation ended  exactly as song said it would.


Maybe some one will read this maybe not. I am greatful for this website. It resonates with me. Thanks  for the opportunity to open myself up and put it out there.


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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I'm not as talented as you but , this is a wonderful creative gift you have!

I have heard more "songs" the past 9 months. the most recent: <br />
male baritone soft<br />
"in July,<br />
it's like a dream."<br />
<br />
garbled words second male voice deeper<br />
"the perfect crime"

OMG....I've had the same stuff happening ALL my life...expecially with the radio and's great to hear someone out there of like mind and gifts...I don't feel so alone anymore.GBY

it "sounds" like clairaudience to me. :)