Funny For Me But Not For the Car Owner...

I haven't been able to develop my abilities much but I often have flash images & dream premonitions. My favorite story is from when I was around 12; I was in the passenger's seat of a car (my father was driving and my sister was in the back seat). All of a sudden I had the flash image of bolts falling and sparking (like the sparks you can get from metal) and I said to my dad and sister "I bet that wheel is going to fall off that car," about the truck that was in front of us. Sure enough a few minutes later the hub cap fell off and my father laughed a little and said I was partially correct. Then the wheel fell off and the axle started sparking (because the metal was scraping against the pavement). The wheel rolled to the other side of the road and another car hit it and it went bouncing down the road.

Lmao it's a great story, but I bet it really sucked for the truck owner!

yukitoshuu yukitoshuu
Mar 10, 2009