I Hope I Am.

classy |ˈklasē|

adjective ( classier , classiest ) informalstylish and sophisticated : the hotel is classy but relaxed.


When I think about the "type" of women I want to be, the image I want to give up, Classy is at the top of the list. 

I am not talking about always wearing designer shoes or a full face of make-up - I am talking about the grace and ease that classy women present to the world.  When I think of women I know who I view as having class they all share the following characteristics: strength, intelligence, inner-beauty, and pride. 

Strength: These women are strong, they are pillars, perfectly laid foundations, and even though at times they are weak they do not crack. 

Intelligence: Classy women are smart!  They are not only well read but they have life-experience which teaches them how to hold themselves properly and share that knowledge with the people around them.  

Inner-Beauty:  They are nurturing, the have the ability to love; and to be loved.  They have a good heart that beams for miles. 

Pride: Their pride is important.  They believe in themselves and in the people they surround themselves with.   They are loyal and passionate.  

When a women inhibits all of these characteristics it shows; and she is always beautiful because of it.  

Perhaps I should touch on being Classic.  Being Classic is being Timeless.  When you are timeless nothing about you is a "fad", You remain a foundation no matter what idiotic ideals are in style. 

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Thank you both!

thank you, muse

Lovely post, annalea... :)

Good..because I am not sure "uplifting composure'" would work in an English paper. lol

Of course I did, i understand you completely :)

Nice thought...I particularly grabbed on to the word "grace". I think it one of the most important attributes a man or woman can have. That ability to take the ups and downs with a sense of uplifting composure (hmm...could not really describe this well - hopefully you get the idea).

I will check it out! Thank you for the suggestion! :)