Just a Little!

There was a time that I was very badly claustrophobic! This started at age 6, with a car! My mother use to have this friend, I forget the woman's name, she was very nice though. She would drive us around in her car, almost everyday. We met her in the summer, by the way, so her car windows were always rolled down. When it was winter, she rolled them up.

I had horrible panic attacks, feeling like I was closed in. I would cry, "I can't breath! Please roll down the window!" She wouldn't do so and my mother told me to shut up, but I was really freaking out in the backseat. I would cry and nearly puke, until it was time for me to get out of the car. :-/

In school, I had an panic attack and puked on the floor, at Gym class! It was a HUGE gymnasium, but when the teacher closed the steel door, sound of the clank and it locking... I felt the place suddenly get so very small! I kept begging him to, "Open the door! I can't breath!" But he wouldn't. He couldn't keep the door open, teach class, and make sure that none of the 30 small children wander out of his class. :-(

And then... it was the elevator that was the biggest beast! Not only was I trapped inside a small crowded place, the closet box MOVED too! I would scream and cry on the elevator, which the people of the elevator saw it was funny and cute, that a 7 year old was scared to death! They just chuckled, as my parents were embarrassed of me. :-/

Well... finally, one by one, I got over those fears. I can be in any small car, windows rolled up, no problem. Small rooms don't bother me anymore. And I don't mind elevators at all. But... I still have a problem with MRI machines and things like that. =p

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Mar 21, 2009