Claustraphobia Is Ruining My Life

I have always been a bit claustraphobic since I was about nine, but I was able to manage it well, I could even get on all public transport and even go in a lift! but all that changed about 7 years ago when I was heavily pregnant with my third child. I was in the back of a taxi and couldn't open the window, I had a panic attack and had to stop the taxi......that was the beginning of a nightmare.Since then, I couldn't get on any public transport, although recently I was able to get on a train and bus, but would still get very anxious.


My family and I are planning a trip to Greece in december and I am terrified...I don't mind flying but the thought of being enclosed on the plane is horrible. Recently I went to London and managed well on the train, but couldn't get on the tube, I was shaking and tearful and felt I couldn't breathe. It is a horrible phobia. I can't sit in the back of a car and last time I went on a plane, it took me 4 hours to calm down, once I had got off the plane. I thinking of trying hypnotherapy and wondered if any suffers on here had tried it and if it works!  I recently had to visit family in Ireland for a funeral and couldn't fly, so got the ferry, but had to drive up there as I knew I wouldn't be able to do the coach trip! I'm ok on the train and bus, as long as I open a window immediately, so the thought of the plane, where obviously no window will open...urrgh!!!!


People don't really understand this fear and feel you can control it...I beg to differ!!!

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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I wasn't always claustrophobic, but now I am. So much so to the point that I will only live in houses, not apts and they must have a back door as well as a front door, they must also have large rooms. I became this way many years ago when I was stuck on a elevator between floors for 4 hours with three small children under 5. I will not under any circumstances get in an elevator. It took me forever to get in a taxi or bus. Still I get uneasy with those automatic car door locks and I sit near the door on the bus. So I totally understand you. I have learned to control it somewhat but you can never fully control it. It hasn't ruined my life because I won't let it, but it sometimes makes life a little more difficult, even at the movies I will sit near the exit, restaurents, the same. So I am at least one person who understands you. This is the first time I have shared my problem with claustrophobia with anyone, as I didn't think there was anyone who would understand either. Glad to have found you, friend.