Nothing from eyebrows to legs. Got Into discussion with a few friends over the issue. Most trimmed. As did I. But some said they prefferred to be smooth.
So I tried it. Does look kinda odd. But it is an interesting feeling.
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I started the same way, trimming and shaping, but once you have it all off it has to stay off now I keep getting the urge to go completely smooth all over but I've only got below my elbows and below my knees left, everything else has all ready gone and won't be coming back!

Down below I am to

I'm waxed from my eyebrows and below. My guy is shaved down below.

Ok. Since we're on the subject and you are the only woman I know enough about to ask this question(lol)
But I've been out of the dating scene for a while. But! My 'wonderful friends' have set me up on a blind date.
Yeah yeah. What's going through your mind, certainly went through mine!!
Not suggesting that a first date WOULD go that far. But if it did. Would you reccomend a trim,shape, wax?!?! Just in case?
If I felt relaxed and comfortable enough with this lady. More importantly, she with me.?
I would hate to be in the situation where I might spurn the lady's advances just because 'the garden wasn't tidy!" Similarly. I'd hate to go to town and then find I freaked the poor woman out!!
I'm sure I'm blushing as I write this:(

I did not know men did shave there hut was very happy to find they did. I had been with same guy 26 years he was as it comes lol. He is now my ex. My new guy I expected the natural but was very happy to find him smooth. Much like men don't want their teeth flossed neither do women.
Shave or wax is your choice I love my parts waxed and not painful but have no idea about for a man. Dont blush its only a question.
Hope everything goes well.

I've been hairless down there for more years than I care to count and do not like otherwise.

Thank you. Have tried using a razor...ouch! Will research waxing. Ho go!

Waxing there best left to a good salon if shaving an electric is better as you can't cut yourself but the results are not always great. There must be men on here that might know of good salons.
Good luck with this and new lady.

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