Has To Be Done

I am going to start deleting people who i send messages to over and over and they seem to feel the need to never respond to me. They can't tell me they haven't been on line because i see them on line. I see them adding other people, joining new groups and creating new groups and posting stories. If after two or three messages and two or three days you dont seem to take the time to at least respond to my message or send a whiteboard or something.. then i take that as a hint that you no longer wish to be a part of my circle and i really don't need drama in my life.

I have way to much in life to deal with petty little behavior like that. I am trying to survive. I may not talk about it all the time . ... but i have serious conditions that could do bad at anytime. It is what it is and i am an adult and I don't deal with people who play childish games.

I need people who i have fun with and who are at least responsible enough to let me know what is going on.
moonstar312 moonstar312
41-45, F
Dec 15, 2011