"It Is That Time Once Again"

I am cleaning out my circle. I like to keep a small manageable circle, and only with people who I interact with. If you have just been sitting there, and we haven't gotten acquainted yet, were probably not going to. I feel like it;s best to give that spot to someone I will be talking with, and there is just no need for me to keep people that I don't talk to in my circle. I have found that a small circle is more manageable, and I can get to know, and keep in touch with those on my friends list easier. So, if you are no longer there, please don't be offended. If we never talk, what is the point ???
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I am trying to do that also, people who have no stories, no common interests, Why did I accept these? It is a difficult thing to do I am sure someone will get pissed off but that is inevitable I guess. How are you supposed to know about them with out any stories? No common interests Duh that's easy, never have a conversation (easy). We will see how it goes.

Good Luck, but I think it will be better for you. Give the space that those are taking up to someone who has stories of interest and that is eager to get to be your friend..... =)

Yes that is my intention if you converse with me stay if not you gotta go

I have a number of people in my circle that I have NEVER heard from too... I should probably reduce the size of mine as well, as my short term memory issues make it hard for me to remember anything about someone if I don't have regular interaction with them. My intention on EP is social interaction and support, so if I'm getting neither from a person, you're right, what is the point? <br />
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I think it's healthy to manage such things and have priorities when it comes to who you expose your inner most stuff to, who you share with. Kudos!

Thank you, and I agree it is very healthy to manage and have priorities. Have you ever noticed that there are some with friends list in extremely high numbers ? That is not why I am here, I am here for quality not quantity. I don't want or need any kind of "popularity" , as I can think for myself, yet so many jump on the band wagon thinking they will get something good from being a follower, and usually they are the ones who are so miserable because they are having to kiss so much behind, it's frustrating....LOL, I will keep my genuine friends like you and a few others, I don't need "fake" people giving me any more headaches........You are staying in my circle, I will not kick you out, and I hope you always want to be there...I appreciate your friendship... =)

I feel the same about you and thank you. I greatly appreciate your friendship and the communications we've shared thus far. I think I could probably take my list down to maybe 10 people who've actually reached out and contacted me... that may even be generous.
To be fair, some folks who added me told me from the start that they are not online with any kind of regularity, that was okay then, but since that time a lot has changed for me. I may need to do something similar soon, perhaps that should be part of my recovery and healing, letting go of people I thought I needed. Thanks again... I can't tell you how much it means to me to have found someone who has the same diagnosis I do, rather than someone who is disabled but with different issues... though they are a support sometimes too... not having the same issues can create a lot of misunderstandings and really complicate a friendship.

(((HUGS))) to you also, and I am happy to have someone who understands as well..... =)