But Not In the Way You Will Expect

I have decided that I will review all the friends I have made here, and consider getting some good old friends back to where they belong ... back into my circle ... I have missed you, and I am glad to have you back.

kinkitty kinkitty
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39 Responses Jul 8, 2008

I am at Domodedovo Airport!

OMG! I am at the airport!

madisonlouis - hell no! You and me baby! were on! ... you do realize that today is Friday?

He knows who he is ... he was my bestest friend in the world before this happened.

what is his name

One day after I logged in, I found that he was gone ... he deleted his EP account without prior notice ... he created a new account later and we have been trying to get the friendship back ... but it's just not the same ...

why did you do this -let them go?

I wonder ... it wasn't me!

how did this conversation go from kitty getting old friends back to me feeling boobs? LOL

LMAO! this is so funny!

i will remember that when you come to the party sunstone LOL

yep you need to teach me kitty.....when do the hands on lessons start????? LOL

now that will most likely get a slap response .. first you feel with your hands ... then you pretend not to be able to see clearly .. you move closer very slowly and carefully until you are sure her knees are about to go weak ... then and only then do you go in for the taste. Rick, Rick, Rick .. do I have to teach you everything?

i'm looking forward to asking the same question (you won't mind if i feel with my mouth will you?)

can't wait to ask you if I can feel what your boobies feels like ... mmm will you respond with a slap?

you coming to the party Sun? I will meet you there then ... but please be aware that I will have my boobs done by then too!

ha ha ha LOL

i'm here for ya kitty i'll eat ya Tek too if it wasn't for that husband of hers LOL

aaaagghhh! just eat me! LMAO

hmm...I would say I'm "rare". wink!<br />
<br />
RIMSHOT! Yuk yuk yuk!<br />
<br />
Please don't eat me. I'm tender...lol!

Wait... what kind of meat are we talking about here?

ha ha ha ... wow am I being misunderstood in this story or what ... I prefer my meat medium to well-done

but that boys & girls, is called "cannibalism"...

every time I see Tek I get hungry! I wonder why?

hey Tek your in my circle and i feel pretty damned fortunate!!!

...ah...I just had a really long brain fart...but to answer your question. Yes, lol! You have the misfortune of having me in your circle, ha ha ha! : )

never mind (walks away sheepishly) i don't want a red dot LOL

ha ha ha ... what needs?

uhm did i type that on here? LOL just kidding?

phew!!! i'm relieved. i would have missed ya kitty. i mean how would i satisfy my needs without your pics?

:) good thing you are :)

I made a mess of my circle one day by deleting close friends, I am getting them back now ...

:) clean up is always good

ha ha ha .. I am adding not deleting .... I will never let you go RICK!


ha ha ha .. never! I am not letting anyone go! I want everyone to stay just where they are .. if I let you go, I may never find you again ... NO! I may not get any sleep tonight!

So does that mean that some of ur newer circle is going bye bye...~ if ur gonna do it...please...do it gently ~ :o

ha ha ha .. this one took some careful consideration, I deleted someone from my circle because we had a misunderstanding .. I decided that I have to forgive and move on, and I am just so happy to have him back ... I have you back in my circle too, right?

That was the weirdest part when I deleted my old profile. I had so much trouble finding everyone again. A lot of the time, I kept misspelling user names or they changed usernames. It's still taking me quite some time...whew...<br />
<br />
But it's nice to find an old friend...Internet or in real life. : )