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I gave the impression i am a trollop

I actually was only pretending

I'm dull as dishwater

I hate offending people - only you know whats in your heart. I only want to interact as friends. On here. So if you want more than that I AM NOT THE GIRL FOR YOU. Please delete me.

KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet 36-40, F 10 Responses Oct 7, 2012

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Can i actually believe that??? ;)

Ok, ya caught me.... Its ice water. *GRINS*


Sungirl posted a similar story as this. Again I will am going to say that at least they tried to get to know you. I've got an inbox of emails ranging from lets chat to are you ready to f@$# me yet??? You are NEVER offending people by saying NO. It should be you thats offended because they arrived at the assimption that you wanted to be propositioned like that. :)

Yep, snap, get dozens, i was going to collect them and make a funny story. My favourite was from a 14 (?) year old boy wanting to know if i'd been accidentally caught naked..... he followed it up with 'was i offended'.... actually i wasnt. I dont mind that, or when they post on my whiteboard, I just ignore it - or laugh. But with my friends, I enjoy a bit of banter, but I just dont want anything more. I think thats fair enough. Oh it's so tricky on here..... as for the emails, i've set my profile to not get any now, I will miss the 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sexy!' :( hee hee

.Just like to say the 14 so claiming to be 18 - 21 but he couldnt have been..... not with an opening gambit like that........


:D silly u

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Girl if you were caught in my fishing net i would keep you and toss everything back in the water. :)

hee hee, more likely I'd rip a hole in your net, i'm very tall but not hot :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never sell yourself short.

It's another British thing ;)

I appear to have got caught in the net and tossed out. Makes me sad but I still think the world of you hon.

You noticed! I beg your forgiveness. Sorry, its tricky stuff

I enjoy doing dishes. Must be why I like ya.

god damn it - lets BURN those rubbish dish washing machines, and get back to basics


I was amazed one time when a person said they figured I was into "open" relationships because of my last avatar!!! I could only scratch my head and say..."WTF! It's a picture!" How folks come to think what they do is sometimes just totally crazy! If only they'd learn to read a couple of stories they might learn something!! But the good news is there are tons of AWESOME folks in here too!! ♥

There are indeed bouncy wonderful goddess.... I was daft when i arrived and then felt to mean to reverse....... You are one of the awesome ones that keeps me sane're pretty darned AWESOME yourself!! :)

Duly deleted.

dont you bloody dare!

I'd sooner cut my nuts off.... well, not really, but you get the point :)

Duller than dishwater? I think not! You are one of the most interesting people here! And if you delete me, I'll find your castle and poop in your moat! Love you, KAT!

you, my friend, are a gent!

I thought I was an Ogre...

ha ha - you are no way near an ogre. not green.

NO but he is red!!!!!!!!!

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**** on them!!! LOL!!!! They obviously don't know what a real woman is!!!

maybe we should just have girls ;)

Well that wouldn't be so much fun all the time!!

hee hee ;)

Dishwashers have shiny parts...

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