Do You Recall The Last Time We Communicated?

Say what? You may be thinking, "Wait, is Skyy7 even in my circle?" or "Dang, let me check my Whiteboard." If either of those thoughts crossed your mind, and i'm on your friends list, then the answer is clearly a very long time. No offense or hard feelings on my part. 

The need to view your profile in order to recall who you are, is a clear sign we're not communicating. However, I do realize that communication is a two way street and in some instances both of us may have dropped the ball. So, I'm reaching out. If the lines of communication remain closed, or far in between, then consider yourself scrubbed out of my circle. Yeah, sometimes, it's like that.

Skyy7 Skyy7
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2013

How very true. It was just such a situation that made me add you my dear.

You have communicated with me many times before and I do not mind if you are or are not in my circle. But we cross paths when we can and that is good enough for me.

Same here. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. :)

I am in EP jail "doin time"

Oh, no! I'll try to smuggle in a file so you can break out. :(

LOL...nice pun, skky!

I was going to ask you to bake the cake to hide the file in. : )

Ok, what flavor cake to you wish me to bake?

Oh, let's just go with a basic chocolate or you can get fancy and bake a Red Velvet cake. In that case, bake a red velvet for me too.

Well get working on it, as soon as I get back....don't forget the file in the meantime...(snickers)
got to go....have an appointment shortly

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not allowed to see ya!

I try to communicate !

Very well said :)

Actually that is my usual line...I repeat what you say and you repeat what I say...(giggles)