It's Been A Long Time Coming

For quite awhile, I honestly avoided joining this group and all for reasons unexplainable to even myself. I didn't want to be mean by not accepting others as my friend but to be honest a lot has changed around EP and some of it hasn't. There are still some kind-hearted people here but most of the others to be honest are perverts and for one reason or another, they want to be my friend. I may have said that "I Accept Perverts Into My Circle" but as I was about to write and still will write in the group, Respect Goes A Long Way and I expect respect despite what their little sexual fantasies or desires are, I don't want to be inflicted or approached with those sexual exploits. As most of my experiences say, I'm happily married, I'm in love with my husband, and some of my experiences are sexually explicit but they aren't for or refer to anyone here on this site. Those are there for my own purpose and for what I like to do with the one man in my life my husband.

So, as far as that is and has been said, I'd like to keep it that way so as of today, I will be deleting the friends who haven't attempted to make conversations with me for whatever reason it may be or who have only joined my circle for "online sexual gain or cyber sex." Or who haven't made an attempt to know me personally. I'm EP Old School and I love the way things used to be where people used to be caring, kind, and loving to one another and I've only been here three years. You can re-befriend me if you'd like but as of now, I'll have people that I connected with through stories, comments, conversations through Private Messages and the sort but I have hundreds of "fans" and most haven't tried to get to know me.

Basically, I'll be making these changes today, tomorrow and all this week. I didn't want to join this group because I didn't think I needed to downsize but I don't want to be like a MySpacer who has hundreds of friends just to have. So, from now on unless you take a genuine and common interest in me and what I do on this site do not try to befriend me. So, from now on, if you want to become my friend send me a Private Message or write on my Whiteboard why you want to be friends. If not, don't bother me or my circle.

I know some of this is harsh and doesn't sound like me but from this day forward, I want a group of true friends in my circle. People that genuinely care about me, my well-being and all that I am. So, please respect my wishes as I will respect yours.

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Well i have to say i agree! with all you have written!! here, my friendly friend! :-) as the author of the comment so rightly points out! "power to you", good for you! well done!!! :-)

you are good to show caution! more power to you. this should be a positive experience for you. ;)

Good original post! But to defend a bit... I do seem focused on more "adult" content but defend it as contributing to individuals fantasies. I do have some benign interests here and too will be cleaning up my circle. Not really interested in folks that like wetting their drawers or pooping in their pants or like dressing in womens clothes! NOTE! the last 3 characters of my screen name does NOT stand for Male Cross Dresser... it's the beginning of my last name! Ya'll can't imagine the number of queries I get regarding wearing my wife's underwear! <br />
Well.. that's my 2 cents worth! Bill in Va.

This is an interesting story and I can understand your feelings for the most part. Until just this week, I had never known of EP. Like most people today, I have FB and MySpace accounts, which I use for social networking. But when I stumbled across EP... I could see how different of a concept this site is and how it enables us as users to share what would be considered TMI on other social network sites. It is that sharing of personal experiences and stories (true or fantasy) is what makes this site so interesting to me. In the short time that I have been here, I have seen several stories along this line. It seem, just like most anything dealing with human beings, there are some bad apples that cause trouble or conflict. I have read several stories where the author mentioned perverts in one way or another. In your story, I don't think the term is in reference to what may be called a stalker, one who joins your circle and watches, but never speaks. I know the term; just don't understand how it is being used here on EP... As I get to know more and more people and read their stories and they read mine, my hope is that I can meet some of those nice and caring people that you speak of in the old school EP. Thanks for sharing, I just hope that some of you long time EP'ers will keep an open mind for newbie’s like me that is trying to feel there way around and make new friends.

I understand what you mean, I 'm very careful who I allow in my circle, all my people are very nice and I have no problem talking to anyone, I'm in a long term relationship and not looking for any thing but friendship on EP and I don't want to offend anyone, I like to tell jokes but they aren't hurt full jokes at least I don't think so. I just have nice conversations with some very nice people.

big high five to you for this story. i recently cleaned up my circle for some of the reasons you stated.

Well said. I respect that. Unlike you I have been slow to add friends. And am very selective. We've got to connect in our experiences. And even then I'll usually check their profile and see what groups they have joined and experiences they have or plan to write and if all seems like a good match I might accept a friend request or send a request myself. I've been here since 2008 and just recently started adding and accepting friend requests. I have 10 friends and have read many of their stories.