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In light of those whom I have taken off my circle due to a lack of communication or inactivity, you are more than welcome to appeal the decision. Those removals are not permanent, they are based on making space for those are enjoy the social hum of EP and making it a point of staying in contact beyond just holidays etc. Just thought I would say that because I don't want to lose friends but then again I don't want the inactives cluttering up my circle, clogging the active lost souls who need help.

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4 Responses Apr 16, 2010

Well, I see I have not been removed as of yet. Admittedly, I am not the EP social butterfly I once was but I still check in and read the stories. I've been lazy about commenting though. I've cleaned out my circle a few times and I might do so again soon. If someone hasn't logged on in months or I've never had any more contact with them, they're most likely out.

thanks for not removing me...<br />

I don't have to much activity with my circle and I don't know if they blocked me or removed me since I'm limited but it doesn't bother me either to have them there

I was kind of upset to be removed, but luckily i deal well with rejection lol