A Necessary Blessing

My Mother was clever and resourceful..her Mother as well. Through the depression years and through the WW2 years, they persevered. Finding ways to feed a family with shortages.Mostly the need  to survive.  I learned dozens of ways to stretch a meal, fix anything, decorate, clean and  many home grown, clever ways to recycle.  That was before what we know now as " Recycling"  We found our clever ways funny .I still use Mom's ideas.   well done Mom.
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Oh my! I would have loved those too..you found a treasure! Rubbish she said? Silly girl.. The old saying" One man's trash is another man's treasure"..and there it is......Very cool.

I love old cookbooks and stories of survival in the depression years.<br />
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One time whilst looking through a thrift store I came across a bunch of old school exercise books with hand written recipes and some newspaper cut-outs along with handy hints for cleaning house. I took them to the counter treating these books like *bars of gold* and a treasure discovered, when the assistant told me I could have them "because they are really just rubbish" I took them and got out of the store before anyone of her supervisors heard her. What a day !

Mom had a dinner that we loved..she called it "poor man's dinner". Her mother made it when they didn't have much for a big Meat supper. She browned ground beef with an onion, salt & pepper. That was poured into and tossed with cooked macaroni..shells or elbow macaroni. While it was hot, she added a stick of butter . Butter use to be inexpensive. The buttery noodles were so good with Parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top. We ate it up.. We three children always thought it was a grand dinner too. I bet it cost two dollars for the ingredients.That was the best she could do & it was a favorite for my child , as well. We all never think of it as a cheap supper....just a fun and tasty one.

Yes they are a great resource for us all..I use them and always have. Food prices are rediculous.

A young friend once remarked to me that she was amazed how I new the price of grocerys as she just brought what she wanted, at her age with a young family, I had to watch the pennies, so would look through the fliers each week for the specials, something the young call junk mail today... I'm a creator of habit obviously.

Awesome! I'm hoping we can share some cleverness here in this group!