From Teenage Years

I have laways been considered bright and as I got older it was common in the family and friends to always ask me for my opinion, as I would always know the answer.. I have an ability to retain information on a huge number of subjects as well having a semi photo graphic memory.... It annoys people I can do the Times crossword and the diabolical itsso I dont ge bored.

I also find stupid people very irritating......and it shows.
wigeon wigeon
41-45, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

If you are so intelligent could you answer a conundrum?<br />
3 Guys go for a few drinks and when the bill needs settled the waiter informs them it is 30 Pounds [ or Dollars] They each contribute 10 each. The cashier tells the waiter a mistake has been made and the bill is only 25 Pounds[or Dollars]. The waiter on return to the table stole 2 and gave each of the guys 1 change. So having paid 10 you each get 1 change means it has cost 9 per person, 3 Nines are 27+2the waiter stole=29 where did the other1 go?