Still Holding Out For the Continuing Mission

I still hold out and cling to the original purpose and mission of EP. That purpose is support and an open forum amid other things. While I am frustrated at the ease with which so many members have been able to hijack if not outright derail EP's mission, I'm still trying to believe that one day the EP staff will put on their Doc Martens(or their other suitable choices for *** kicking boots) and officially clean the EP house. I joined EP in February of this year after losing an uncle to pancreatic cancer, the fact that his death came 2 weeks after his diagnosis made it all the more jarring. I've come to accept the fact that it will never really sink in and I will always be expecting and hoping to see him. EP offered me a venue in which to voice my pain.

It's not the trivial disagreements I find disheartening but the sudden over development of the 'adult' side of EP and while most of us are responsible, mature people; the growing deviate population of predators and sickos who are wanting to find willing prey to satiate their depraved appetites is ever growing. That is one of the biggest reasons why EP's mission is being hijacked. I still cling to the concept of a somewhat pristine environment where we can all express ourselves peacefully and agree to disagree as civilized people do. I say there needs to be a return to morality, return to civility and return to overall compassion on EP. 

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4 Responses Sep 30, 2009

Excellent post!! It should be on the login page or something. I couldn't agree more.

For real. I've had to block 3 people in the past 24 hours and I think it sucks. It seems like I am having to make a choice between self-ex<x>pression and not being harassed, which is part of what I was trying to use ep to escape!

I agree....I came 2 this site because I had no support system. I think we all need 2 get back to really helping others and not hating.

I almost always get a bit up in arms about the "return to morality" phrase, but in this case I'm with you. I've only been on EP for 3 days and have already been contacted by more perverts and deviants then anyone should have to deal with in a lifetime. Why can't we be proud sexual beings, kick-*** politicos, and friendly tree-huggers all at the same time without being attacked by social deviants? <br />
<br />
Stay on that soap box brother!