I am very clingy with my female friends. So much so that I have scared some of them away. Ever since I lost my mother I have been wanting to find a similar connection with other women. Sometimes I think that I should warn them that I become very clingy if they talk to me a lot and especially the ones that give me nicknames. In the past when I would get some kind of contact info from them I would be texting them everyday for sure. I didn't take into account if they were busy with others things. I always thought everything was about me but now I see how immature and annoying I was. I am still clingy but not to the extent of how I was before. I have learned my lesson in messaging them to often and thankfully I have been able to rebuild the friendship between one of my friends before I scared her away for good.
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Thank you. You may not understand why but your story made me realize why I am so clingy. Issues with my mother when I was young. I also have lost plenty of relationships because of this and even lost the love of my life. I do understand your pain and I wish there were magical words that would change how you are feeling. At least you have your youth and I think since you know what caused your problem, there should be many ways to work on a solution. As for me, they say that you only find your true love once in a lifetime. I found mine and now she is gone because of my problem. Best of luck to you.

I'm glad my story was helpful to you and I'm sorry about you losing the love your life. That must have felt terrible. Yeah I wish there were magical words too. Yeah, I have started to work on that problem of mine and now I know that they have lives too and things to do and it is especially different since we are only friends it would be entirely different if we were dating but since we are only friends I can't expect them to only spend time with me. Thank you for your response to this story and thank you for the good luck :)