After reading posts people have made regarding being clingy I read one that made me think. I may have the reason of why I am clingy.

A couple of years ago my mother told me she was sorry for not being more loving to me when I was very young. She would yell to my father to get me and take care of whatever my problem was at the time. She said she was still angry with her brother and I reminded her of him. At the time I just thought whatever, the past is the past mom.

But now I am wondering if that was the root cause of me being so very clingy. If it is, how do I ever fix it? I mean I cannot go back to my childhood and make it all better.
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I tried to respond but it vanished check out detachment disorder on internet this sounds classic of mom not bonding with don when he is very little, this happens a lot if a parent is depressed, boys affected the most. This is why they treat post partum depression so aggressively ( or at least try here in canada) also why parental leave is paid here up to 1 year

Son not don lol

Thank you. I will look it up.

I had/ still have a distant relationship with my mom when I thought it through while reading up and learning about post partum and regular depression I realized she was probably depressed and in chronic pain from a back injury and unable to be responsive plus I was an intense ADHD kid so I am sure she would have liked me to just go away sometimes lol I have issues and that at least made me able to forgive her