A Result Of Years

With my nature, I am getting used to being either taken advantage of, forgotten about or rejected. This makes the rare connection much more important to me than it should be. I hold on for dear life because I am so lonely. I don't usually vocalize or act out my clinginess, I should explain, but in my mind, I am clinging. I know that vocalizing my true thoughts will only cause yet another swift and damaging rejection. I build up unrealistic expectations and hopes about budding friendships, and put too much weight into positive and negative interactions. I know that this is unhealthy, but I don't know how else to be. 

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Hi, maybe not most, but many people feel the way you feel I bet.. ^^, So don't feel so bad about it, and within time you'll learn to be more on your own.. Anyway, you realize it yourself so it must be a good starting point to be in kind of balancing it bit by bit :)<br />
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Look who's talking lol but EP site was first of all a place to support each other, and if u need a friend, I am here ^^<br />
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Yeah,me too :( Then I end up feeling like ****