I Love My Grandparents.

I have always been really close to my grandparents.  My parents had me when they were young and they always felt more like friends than parents.  My grandparents were like parents.  I have wonderful memories of my grandfather who I was exteremly close too.  I was his birthday present; being born the day after his birthday.  We shared everything.  I was his first grandchild and I love him with all of my heart! He could always make me smile even when my world was turning up side down.  He was a wonderful man and I miss him dearly.  My grandmother, his wife, and I are not as close because I think she was jealous of our relationship.  My mom's mom and I are very close!  She is in her 80's now and still full of fun and mischief.  She is a wonderful person and I spent a lot of time growing up with her.  I never really knew my mom's dad since he left when mom was 2.  But grandma has always been a strong influence in my life along with my grandfather.
beaglewoman beaglewoman
26-30, F
Nov 21, 2007