Sleep Shifter?

       When I am sleeping I never have any dreams but when I can tell I might be shifting I wake up more and more frequent but not for to long. I sleep during the day because my work is a night shift.
        Anyways I was sleeping today and woke up 3 to 4 different times each time I was out of my blanket laying on my side slanted to one side more than the other almost on my belly, each time I was laying more like a wolf would and uncomfortable for my human self. My blanket wound up under me some how and I had music in my ears to block out noise my family might be making which had fallen out of my ears but was still playing.
         I remember one time just opening my eyes for a brief second and it looked like I had a muzzle. long and brown. My eyes shut and I fell back to sleep.
   When I finally awoke it was 10 pm almost 11 pm later than I ever have slept for during the day. I got up and my back was sore and I felt a like a drunk staggering to walk (though I never drank before. it just felt like it). Is it Possible to shift in your sleep? And if I have my mate sleeping next to me should I be concerned. Nothing has happened to him yet.
XieryaWolf XieryaWolf
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Personally by reading your story I think it could be possible that resting is your kryptonite so your inner wolf is more engaged with you when you do not realize it, and when you are at your weakest point *sleep* it takes control off you.

I have also read a story that another sleeper actually wet his bed for the first time, showing marking their territory without knowing it.

Interesting. I shift occasionaly when I am awake but only small things like teeth or claws. In my sleep I believe I shift much more then that. Thanks for replying :)

You're very welcome.