As a closeted gay, I hate myself. I hate myself because of my sexuality. I lie to people everyday. When someone asks me "are you gay?" . I say no. I say no in fear of rejection. That people will hate me for who I am. That I will never be accepted for just being me. I live in Dorset but go to school in Somerset. A boarding school. All the boys around me think I'm straight. They are mostly homophobic and so I'm afraid to admit who I am to the world. My question is how did you deal with accepting yourself for all your perceived faults? (Some people perceive homosexuality as a fault). I know that its not. But I still find it difficult to be gay. Especially a closeted gay. People will judge me. I will be descriminated against. I will be put in a box labeled 'Fabulous' or 'queer' . How did you all come out?
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I totally hear ya. Im still living like that.

Hey I will be your fake girlfriend I'm a feminine lesbian.

I hope you see this sometime, I'd love to listen and share my experience. If you need to talk let me know

Regardless of what others think, you have to be true to yourself, always. Over the next years of your life you'll experience doubt, self-loathing and fear. But don't let these emotions overcome you and your true identity. No, you aren't in the ideal environment to come out, but don't let the ignorant beliefs of your peers cloud your mind. Always be honest with yourself and accept you for who you are. Being gay doesn't make you a wrong person or a blasphemous individual, it makes you, you. Be proud of your culture and know that if you ever need someone there are millions of others out there like yourself.