So Clumsy

I am constantly walking into objects.
I go to exit a room and my shoulder hits the doorframe.

I'm walking in a store and I'll walk right into a display rack.

The funniest/worst/best depending how u view it was that i use to have a classroom full of kids and I was forever walking into their desks. I used that to my advantage when I needed to wake up some kid--I'd walk right into their desk. It would startle them and they would be awake.

One day this one boy shot up with drool hanging from his mouth and dripping back onto his desk. Now that was pretty hilarious.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Ha ha... I thought this was just me that did that kind of thing... I have a huge bruise on the top of my thigh because I walked into one of the stairgates, door handles are another thing, I'm forever whacking myself on them :o)

Lmao!!! I think baby safety devices cause more injuries sometimes, the number of times I've stubbed my toes on the bottom bar that goes across the stair gates :o)

I never clouted it hard enough for that to happen :o)