In the interest of good hydration (sing with me now, Oooooh, good hydratioooooooooooooooooon!) I almost always have a large plastic tumbler of water close at hand. Yes, y'all can see where this is going.

I've knocked it over before, but never when it was more than a quarter full.  Tonight I hit it and over it went.  A full 32 oz of water, dumped on the floor, a blanket, the foot of my bed. 

Fortunately, my laptop was safely out of range...but in order to get up to get a towel, I had to step IN the large pool on my floor.  Not thinking of it in time, I did this while wearing socks.  Squish.

Ah well.  At least I got a good idea for a song parody out of it.'s a fluid-filled sensation
Oooooooooh, good hydration!
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Jan 14, 2013