I Thought There Was Something Wrong.

I started noticing this in my second year of high school. I would be standing there talking with my friends, and I would somehow lose my balance and start to fall over. I don't know how it would happen. And I started to think that there was something wrong with me, like medically.

But nope!

I'm just clumsy! =D I run into things all the time. I drop stuff, which is why I have made myself put my hands in my pockets when I walk around breakable things now...especially in stores because then I'd have to pay for it. I cut corners too short and end up walking into doorways, doors, corners of walls, bookcases...just about anything.

But I don't get embarrassed about any of it. It makes me different from other people. And I think it is genetic. My grandfather was clumsy. And I'm proud to have inherited something from him.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2007

I usually tend to hit my shoulders on doorways because I start my turn just a little bit before I should.

I also cut corners short - apparently, I think I am about half the width I actually am! So many bruises and even a torn ligament in my shoulder. :)

haha you think you're clumsy wait till you get to meet me, you would walk huge circles around me lol