Hot Chocolate Accident

Last night, my Nan made me a lovely mug of hot chocolate which I couldn't wait to start drinking when it cooled down. When it did finally start to cool down, I decided to go and enjoy upstairs in bed while reading my book. I followed my Nan up the stairs in pitch black but then I tripped up one of the stairs and my hot chocolate flew straight up in the air and went all over my Nan. Luckily it wasn't hot but she suddenly shouted 'cow me' because she was soaking wet. A bit of it flew straight into my eye but luckily, only speckles of it went on my clothes whereas the whole cup went all over her back. I turned on the light and we both just started crying with laughter. It had got to be the funniest accident I have had in a long time. The hot chocolate was full to the rim as I was walking up the stairs but when I looked at it when the lights were turned on, there wasn't even a drop, I couldn't believe it. The whole thing showered all over her and it was definitely hilarious and I most certainly laughed myself to sleep. hahahahahaha

Who else has had a similar accident?
BeautyOfSuffering BeautyOfSuffering
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1 Response Mar 6, 2012

I spilled hot chocolate all over myself once, but not one anyone else luckily. It sounds like a really funny thing to have happen though.

yeah ahah it's hilarious :D