Just Call Me Gracie

Accident Prone. Clumsy. Klutzy. Whatever you call it I am very much so. One of the funniest clumsy stories goes back into my junior year of high school. We were all in our gym class just goofing around and I decided I wanted to be a ballerina. I was wearing joggers that were just a little too long and as I was pirouetting across the stage the cuff pulled under my shoe. When I landed my beaustiful dance move my legs flew out from under me and I accomplished a mid air gator roll (friends told me later that it was really quite amazing) and landed on my wrist. My friends laughed. I laughed. I cried too as I laughed and that just made them laugh harder. One girl even ran up and snapped a picture to remember the moment. It turned out that my wrist had been severely sprained and I had to wear a brace for two weeks. I no longer have any aspirations to become a ballerina.
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Reminds me of the time I tried to stand up and fell flat on my face. I was sitting on the sofa and as I went to stand the big toe of my right foot got somehow tangled up in the cuff on the left leg of my pajamas.

Yeah, I'm a Klutz, but I know it and I learned to be careful so I don't injure myself. My mother put me in ballet classes as a child and I sucked so badly they advised her to save her money. For some reason I tried it again as an adult and my teacher said my pas de deux looked like I was squatting on the toilet. I gave up that night. I don't even like ballet...so.....