I Think Its Hilarious Though!

I can laugh at myself because I might as well. I might as well accept that im clumsy. Lol omg I have lost count how many times I have tripped over things and fell. Lucky for me most of my inncodents have never left me seriously injured! I somehow catch myself most of the time. I have tripped over things before turn around and glare at them like its there fault! I know its not their fault im clumsy. tripping over things or getting knocked off my feet. Some people cant help but laugh I honestly dont care I laugh harder lol! Lets see I have fallen in public places. Like the park I was jumping on rocks and fell in the park fountain, In block buster, while I was skating with friends, at school in the mud I fell on my butt. slipped in puddles or tripped over rocks, At home. In the kitchen, In the bathroom the shower and in my room and In the living room while I was running. I have very good reflexes so I catch myself when I get hurt  its not too badly. Suprisingly never ended up in the hospital! Yup way too many stories too tell lots with many details lol! :P If you wanna know How I tripped over these many things feel free to ask I would tell you how these things happened!
MysteriousShadow MysteriousShadow 18-21, F 1 Response Jun 3, 2012

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Update I recently tripped at school someone steppedon my shoe and I fell and the person helped me up! :P