Why Yes, Yes I Am

Let's see here where do I start? Hmmmm

Not a day goes by that I do not do something super silly and manage to hurt myself haha

I have plenty of examples....so here I go

1.) I walk into doors. Okay so this has happened at least four times *hangs head in shame* I'll go to the place where I get my car worked on and there is a guy there that I'm very attracted to, and I'm fairly sure it's obvious. I know it is cause I act all stupid, sometimes..... Anyway I get way too nervous when I'm there, and I don't think straight..... Especially since the attraction isn't mutual, makes me even more weird and nervous around him.... So I try to act calm and collect, when I leave, walk to the door, and *walking, walking, walking* **** what the hell....Oh oops my bad that door doesn't open. I swear to god, I don't know how many times I've walked into that door, cause my mind is elsewhere. and to make matters worse....I bust out laughing too. Luckily I haven't snorted in front of him....

2.) Last week, had to mow my moms yard.... went on the back porch, to take a bench off it, and layed it over the railing and stood there thinking of all my memories. I used to climb on a later and lay on the roof, stay on the porch, and flirt with the older dudes next door, well attempt, I failed and was a nervous wreck or acted like a total dude. But not the point haha, it brought me to tears a little, cause I really miss my mom and I miss being a kid.....I decided to climb on the railing which required me to grab onto the roof, and I got balanced and decided to jump for old time sake...keep in mind it's not exactly high lol.....I jump I land partially on my ***, then the other half of me is being held up by my hands. Luckily no one was outside haha

3.) Same day....I picked up the pushmower to put it in my car, didn't realize the wheels were up higher (dude made em that way) pushed it in my trunk *thump* ouch my damn head..... oh and I got home and had to wait for the chica to get up and inform me of the wheels being up high, here I was thinking I had it stuck in the trunk of my camry :P

4.) Clumsy reason number four.....everyday in my room, whether I'm getting off my bed or walking away from my computer, I hit my feet against the metal bottom of my bed lolz

5.) When doing anything when I'm sitting down, at some point I always manage to knock **** over.

6.) When I was a kid, I had a habit of running everywhere, I mean downhill uphill down the road whatever for no real reason...which I was a kid, I had energy....well.....I alway fell at some point Lol I can't tell you the number of times I busted my *** or knocked the breathe out of me when I was a kid.

7.) Ninth grade I got new glasses woohoo :P Well.... first day I had them, I went into gym, and wanted to toss around a football with my friend, I had fun doing it, and you know it was going well, running around a little tossing the ball, and then standing still, whatever... going great....after a bit of playing she throws it directly at my face, I barely catch and *creak* goes my glasses, broke em in half and my mom always thought it was on purpose geesh.

8.) On a really embarrassing note, I've even been clumsy during sex. Only twice, but oh lord it's awful. No details though, I might die of laughter, and have blurry vision from all the tears (I'm easily amused)

Also just randomly I've been known to knock **** over and fall for no apparent reason... The end of this :P

I am not as bad these days, but I'm still a total klutz
Greeneyedandcurious Greeneyedandcurious
26-30, F
Jun 14, 2012