Epic Clumsy Moment!!

This one probably makes my top 5 (yes, I have a list) :-P
I managed to step on my hand & bruise my fingernail and knee myself in the face, all in one fluid, gracefull movement....I was also sitting down on the floor when this happened...

Other noteworthy moments include:
My old work had a staff room door with a code lock that rarely worked, so the door rarely latched. After one busy day once the store was closed, I ran full speed to the staff room to get my smokes, put my hands out to push the door open as I ran, only to discover someone had pulled it shut completely, and I ran face first into the steel door. My co workers couldnt stop laughing as I came back to the front with my smokes, broken glasses, and a papertowel held to my forehead to stop the bleeding...

Another time I came into work to quickly, and the floor was wet from people tracking in snow. I turned slightly to toss my jacket into the office, slipped, fell face first into the door frame which knocked my head back to the other side of the frame, and ended up on the ground... came up front with yet another pair of broken glasses and a bleeding forehead.
(after this, I gave up on plastic frames)

While coming home from work recently, I was bringing my bike into the apartment, the pedal cut the back of my calf, I knocked some towels off the table as I tried to manuever the bike towards the balcony, got the bike tire caught on the balconey entrance and knocked down part of the blinds, and then stubbed my toe on the way back in.

I swear, I dont make this stuff up either. :-P

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1 Response Aug 12, 2012

I am so sorry about this, & i honestly don't mean to laugh at someone genuinely getting hurt, but this made laugh until i couldn't breathe! Well, actually that behaviour is normal for me, but it still happened :)! Though i hope these things don't lower your confidence too much, but it sounds like you've learned to accept your clumsiness & not use it against yourself, am i right? I hope so ;)