Pain Is The Key

Hi...remember me I'm the girl who just keeps on getting hurt. I have to say this might be the worse i have done in a while. I was at choir practice on break when my knee popped out of socket and it wouldn't go back in. Unfortunately, I realized too little too late that I could no longer walk as I started falling face first toward the edge of the piano. "Ow" was all that could escape my mouth as I fell to the floor. Still in much pain I turned over and sat legs extended and holding my face. Finally my knee popped back into socket and I thought the worse was behind me but as I pulled one of my hands away from my face I saw the dripping blood and I started to lose consciousness. Luckily I only came out of the hospital with a brace, a concussion, and a deep wound on the side of my eye. Days like this make me wonder how I ever escape surgery.
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.......Doctors give second chances,
And opportunities for a spiritual shift in mind and perspective....
A challenge to grow.....
Are you up for it,
Since you are ready to go now AGAIN?