Once Upon a Time I Was Graceful

i suppose as a child i wasn't extremely graceful, however, i was far from 'clumsy.' 

once i started participating in sports, dance, etc. i became quite fluid and, dare i say, nearly graceful.  i was no ballerina on broadway or anything but i didn't trip over invisible objects.

i played sports into my late 20's.  during one fateful game i dove to return a serve.  i ended up permanently injuring my knee, ankle and hip.  actually those injuries are healed for the most part but the nerve damage throughout my leg has yet to completely heal in 3 years - though i still hold hope. 

since the accident i've become more and more clumsy.  i literally will be walking down the hallway and will walk right into the wall just to either side me.  i do this rather frequently these days.  it's always to the right or left - never head on.  i don't trip on much but i do slip often. 

i'm sure walking into walls has to do with my equillibrium - it's affected by the neurological trauma of the nerve damage.  but why do i slip so easily now?  is it because i'm not as sure on my feet as i once was?  is it because i'm fearful of falling and getting hurt again?  wouldn't you think that fear would make me slip less often?

i mean NOOOOO offense by this so please don't anyone get offended here.  we all know there are clumsy people of all body types.  i think we can all agree with that statement.  but ... something i've noticed through observation as well as from personal experience ... why is it that people who are overweight seem to be clumsier than the average person? 

i was always a thin person until the year i was divorced.  i gained 15 pounds and became a complete bumbling idiot while trying to perform any physical feat whatsoever.  it could have been so easy as to switch the headlights on and i'd end up hitting the turn signal and windshield wipers ... don't get me started on how terribly i myself moved about.  i'm sure it was nothing shy of a tragic sight.  i'm probably very fortunate to have made it out of that phase alive.  once i lost those hindering 15 lbs it was as if the clumsiness vanished, for the most part, with the last few pounds.

does anyone have any theories on that or any scientific facts?  is it because each body type is only meant to carry so much weight and anything beyond that tends to bog you down and make you less sure on your footing?  does it throw you off balance so to speak?  i've never really understood it. 

there are extremely athletic people i know and they are some of the clumsiest people i've ever seen in my life until you get them playing their sport.  i don't think it has to do with your degree of athletic talent.  when i was hurt i was in the best shape of my life, which was AWESOME!  i was VERY fit - better than i had been in school and that's saying SOMETHING!  i was extremely limber, etc. 

i just don't understand ...

again, please no one take any offense to my curiosity.  i know and have known some of the most graceful overweight people as well.  by NO means am i saying that everyone who carries a few extra pounds is clumsy.  it's a simple observation and personal experience i wonder about.

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when my vision does it's tricks (thanks to the RSD) it is somewhat reminiscent of that acid trip i went on 14 yrs ago in the woods with all my best pals in the world (of the time.) it reminds me of good times that have passed and then i come back to reality faster than the speed of light with the cobra-like strike of pain in my leg from the mis-step. there's nothing like agony to bring you out of a good memory or 'trip.' i cannot imagine what it'd be like for you ... WHOA, dude! lol

i think i'd fall more often with 3D vision ... i'd be trying to step up or down when it wasn't necessary, when in fact, it's a flat space ... i have depth perception issues as well and WOW that can mess ya up!

My Mom enrolled me in dance classes when I was 4 because I fell going up the stairs! I wasn't overweight then, but I am now, and I am still a clutz!

I have so totally fallen up the stairs before.

I can see where extreme obesity might make one clumsy, but being a bit overweight, I'm not so sure. But don't you just hate it when your body BETRAYS you... for whatever reason!!

I've always been a little clumsy. And at times I've carried extra weight but I haven't noticed a correlation. I am much more graceful on the basketball court than I ever am in regular life.