I Have An Entire "Fan Club" Who Lives Just to Hear the Latest Way I've Bashed Myself Up

It was one of those things that could only happen to me. And I'm just lucky that there didn't happen to be anyone else in the office at the time.
I got the toe of my shoe caught in my shirt and fell out of my office chair. And yes, that does result in a badly scraped ankle.
My supervisor came through moments later while I still had tears in my eyes from the pain and was still laughing hysterically. He of course wanted to know what was going on. So I told him I scraped my ankle and showed it to him. He stated that it was "severe enough" that he had to write up an accident report, and he needed to know what happened.
So I told him.
After staring at me for a few minutes and then staring at his report for a few minutes he just shook his head. "I can't write that up! No one would believe me!" So he tore up the report and left. He said anyway he wouldn't know what kind of "remedial training" (which is required after an accident) to assign for me.
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I am a bit curious to find out how u got your shoe stuck in you're shirt??? Lol

LOL, yeah some things are just priceless. I remember one time on a big family holiday my cousin walked straight into the fly-screen. Admittedly it was during the evening, but the light was on inside! EVERYONE saw. He kinda bounced off the fr<x>ame, looking surprised. Ha, makes me laugh thinking about it!

Yeah, they did. And they still laugh about it. Years later. Just the other night I walked in and my mother and younger brother were laughing like crazy. So I asked what was going on so that I could join in the fun. "We're just laughing about you falling out of your chair." <br />
Wait, you mean three years ago when I fell out of my chair? Yep, that was it. <br />
Still highly amused by it. And they love to tell people. I meet people for the first time and it's like "Oh yeah, you're that girl who tripped on her shirt. Your friend was telling me about that..."<br />
It's an interesting distinction.

LOL! Did your fan club find out? This would be such a great story for them to relish... :P