My Top Three Most Embarassing Incidents

The three most prominent incidences in my memory continue to make me cringe, and laugh as well. Here they are, embarrassing to absolutely mortifying: :P

10yo: virtually scraped off all the skin on my left knee when I tried to turn too quickly on the smooth asphalt in my non-stick sandals. I was chasing after my friend in a game, which ended pretty quickly after! I didn't tell my 'rents, cos I thought they'd freak out over the hugeness of the skinning. They found out. They freaked. I got in trouble, a remorseful wait while they did an emergency dash to the supermarket for some Dettol and big bandages, and now, 7yrs on I still have the scar on my knee.

10yo: okay, this is pretty humiliating to recount.  [that smiley should be a bit redder...] We were playing Pole Tiggy - where poles are the "safe" part, and you do daring dashes to an empty pole/swap with another while the "it" person tries to catch you. I was "it". We decided to liven it up a bit. For some logic only understandable to my 10yo self and my friends back then, I decided to close my eyes and follow the sound of their voices to catch them out. Thinking back, they must have had to slow down to a walk to make it fair...Anyway, I got very into it, and thinking I was close, made a sudden swing and dash forward...only to hit a pole side on. Hard. There was a little ringing in my ear, and opening my eyes to screams, felt my ear pulsating. Luckily, it was still attacked. But already swelling up. I begged my sister to keep the secret, but when I got home, my ear was doubled in size and quite purple. My mum was speechless.

13yo: And for a completely mortifying experience...It was an end of the year school excursion, and a group of us were bike riding in a park, when we stopped. Looking down, I saw that we were on top of a incline [right description?]. It was a smooth roll down to the bottom. My friend whooped, and went right ahead, zooming down the side of the little hill. She gave waved enthusiastically to us. Hey, I want to try that too! I thought to myself. I reasoned that once the teacher gave the ok, I wouldn't have room or time to get down there that way. So, I let go of the brake on my bike, and zoomed down that little hill...and then it goes black. The story goes that I flew over the 2m wall that was hidden due to the angle I was at, hit the ground, and the first thing I said to my teacher was "Are my glasses okay?" So I wasn't hurt. Here is where my idiocy went further. I decided to continue on to the end. For the rest of the ride, friends rode up cautiously, asking if I was "okay". I was very confused, and they'd drop back or ride on. I could feel the intensity of everyone's stare! By the time I got to the school gates to be picked up, the kindness of my teacher [not the same one] had reduced me to a bumbling mess. When my dad pulled up, I burst into tears. Hell, it was pandemonium when I got home. My mum was hysterical with my stupidity, my dad was ready to kill me, and I was sobbing with the shock and the realisation of my idocy. Now if that didn't teach me anything about taking physical risks anymore then I don't know what will!

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God I hate it when people ask you if you are ok, it's just like they are shouting to the world "HEY I SAW THAT REALLY STUPID THING YOU DID REALLY REALLY WELL AND I AM PROBABLY GOING TO REMEMBER IT FOREVER AND TELL MANY PEOPLE AND LAUGH!" <br />
<br />
I saw a school girl (maybe high school or late middle) fall the other day, no big fall, I pretended I didn't see because I didn't want her to get any more embarrassed than she probably already was.

Yup, nothing but a few scratches. It wasn't a big tragic deal until everyone went "OMG, ARE YOU OKAY?"

With the last story, you were okay right? So everyone else's concern was what reduced you to tears? Hmm...<br />
There are some cases where I am amazed that the people survived childhood, given the stories they recount. Yours seems tame in comparison!