Not Clever

I am a walking comedy!

Luckily I have never done any permanent damage to myself, or anyone else for that mattter. Although I have cause a load of grief throughout my lifetime.

Once I had a boss who berated me for having chocolate on my trousers after I returned from a lunch break. He whipped it up off the leg of my pants in a dramatic show of how untidy I was. It wasn`t chocolate! I had been home and changed an infants nappy. Yep! it was baby crap.

For a number of years I worked on a chicken farm. One of my duties was to change the rubber fingers on a plucking machine, most of them came out fairly easy, but one day encountered a single finger that required the use of a set of multi-grips. I pulled, and I pulled, but it would budge. Frustrated I began yanking wildly at it until it gave way violently, not only did the finger dislodge, but the multi-grips met the middle of my face, knocking me out cold.

My clumsiness has cost me a number of cars, a couple of jobs, at least one sexual relationship, an assortment of friendships, a ****-load of money and more than my fair share of grief.

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41-45, M
May 31, 2009