"What We Vibrate And What We Attract Is Always A Vibrational Match." Abraham Hicks

Today is another beautiful day in Vancouver and I feel blessed and how incredible our city is!  I acknowledge how blessed I am and I include this sensation into my vibration.  I have been spending some time with my spiritual practice as I have loved ones recovering from illness and have the time to think of how much well being there is in the world for us to embrace.  So, I am writing down some of experiences and thoughts of my findings.

Practice #1.
Keep your attention on that which is wanted. As this universe is attraction based, it serves you to keep your eyes and ears on that which you want.  Today, I have spent time admiring beauty and abundance and prosperity and synchronicity.  The cherry blossoms are blooming and the frost sparkles like diamonds on the blades of grass.  All these things happen according to a natural schedule of earth shifts and temperature changes and time of the year.  How perfect!  And this same perfection lives in me and you!  We are always on time to thank God for something great that happens to us. We are always on time to treat someone we love with some kindness and understanding. We are always on time when we speak gently to others and especially to ourselves.  We activate our power when we acknowledge that we are infinite beings living here to live and experience and enjoy.  I am thankful that at this point of my beautiful morning, I have the serenity to count my blessings! I am keeping my attention to that which is wanted and I want beauty and abundance and prosperity and synchronicity in my life as I have observed. 

Practice #2.
I have been meditating and I am trying out something that was recommended by spiritual teacher Abraham.  "meditate for thirty days, once in the morning and once in the evening and clean up your vibration. Also, in your active time, notice all that and think of all that which you love, to bring it into your experience.  After thirty days of meditation, it will manifest into your experience.  It only takes thirty days to manifest your biggest dream, whether it is a button or a castle, the universe will create it for you."

I have spent some time meditating.  I feel the power of the my connection to my Source and I have come to an interesting place.  I feel the speed or fast pace that lived inside of me, melting away and I feel calm and certain in my space.  I don't feel the pangs of chaos, I feel clarity and I appreciate the very air particles that swirl around in front of my face, and race to enter my lungs and make me live.  I enjoy seeing and feeling this calm and I can better understand the comfort that lives in me, as it has returned and sometimes swells in me like it's turning itself into fun!! I feel Fun again and I am enjoying applying it to my spiritual self.  Who would have thought that spiritual work would re-create the feeling of fun inside of me!  What a crazy and wonderful thing!  I can sit and look out my window and see the clouds moving through the sky and some part of me feels like they are chasing each other or trying to catch up with each other to form bigger clouds, and I actually feel the rush of achievement when they collide or become absorbed into each other.  Also, the little chickadees in my back yard crack me up!! I will sit in my sundeck and watch the dew drops on the cherry blossoms glisten and sparkle like gems and I chuckle as I feel like the blossoms beaming as they  are wearing their best jewels.  Then the chickadees come along and sit in the tree and sip the little droplets then flutter their little wings and cause the droplets to fall on them and they sing and splash like kids in the summertime running through the sprinkler!  I appreciate my attention turning to more beautiful things as they make me feel complete.  I also, enjoy when the children in my family, nieces and nephews get together to sit and chirp and laugh and each other for no reason, just to be together.  This makes me feel complete and eternal and perfect.  This is the most fun sensation I know.  This is also, the most precious to me, and Is the one experience I plan on consciously taking with me once I move on to the next level of life. 

Practice #3.
Keep yourself aligned with Source energy.

As I read over the words above. I feel I am aligned with Source energy!  I feel great! And alive and real and connected and special.  I have a dream that really is only thirty days away from showing itself to me!! How spectacular is that!!!?!  Especially since the above observances are a result of being three days in so far!! I love this stuff! 

Keep your head up and live within your pure joy!!  Listen to the words of Abraham hicks on youtube and keep a journal of the things you want in your life and also, of things that are showing itself to you!!

Today my treasures are my family and our health and our precious lives together in this beautiful, luscious city.  I treasure my relationship with them especially my favorite people!! Also, I love that I am co-creating my reality and manifesting my destiny.  I feel it pulling and calling to me when the thought of it enters my mind. As each thought and positive emotion is its attraction to me!
I wish the same joy and perfect completion to be your experience as well!

Lots of love to you today!!!

jpwin jpwin
26-30, F
Apr 15, 2011