I Think I'm Co-dependent

I've done a bit if research over the years and think I might be co dependent. I hate being single... I have addictive personality traits. I have trouble maintaining relationships. I'm needy and I want to see my G/F every night. (but she only wants to see me occasionally) . I need to be needed, I'd be happy doing anything for anyone....(I could be easily exploited). I work away from home alot, often alone. My counselor said that I couln't be co-dependant because otherwise I could never go away and work alone, but I think I am and I'm going to see a different counselor soon and seek a second opinion. I've got a new G/F, she is a wonderfull person, I am so lucky, but I think that I've smothered her with my love and neediness... and the whole relationship could be in jeopardy. I really want to be happy with myself, but I just can't be happy without a partner, and to be needed. What's wrong with me?

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Where I come from they call it being in love... and being lonely... not a sign that there is anything wrong with you...

There is nothing wrong with you dear friend. Codependency is something that we can develop as a result of our own needs - it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.<br />
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Continue with your counselling - it helps you to uncover aspects of yourself which will help you lead a happier life.<br />
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Sending you a whole heap of caring {{{hugs}}}.