Oh God , It's True . . . .

I'm still getting over a ten year relationship involving our children and being married twice to her . It never worked out but we kept trying . All we accomplished was hurting each other and confusing the kids . I can only hope that we have finally ended it at last and the vicious circles are forever broken and that our children are still young enough to not be overly affected by our inability to detatch properly . I'm reading a book about " the power of detachment " that has opened my eyes as to how destructive codependance can be and how disruptive it has been in my life and all those I love and who love me . While I still care for Michelle , I've learned that we have to go our own ways , I've backed out , and let God work his will .
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Just being aware to the fact made changing my behavior possible , to get out of the unhealthy mindset and into a much more self-assured way of living . It's been very liberating to say the least.

Good for you for trying and even better for knowing you did all you can do and its time to move on. I'm sure it was difficult. How are things now?

I just finished reading "Codependency and the Power of Detachment". It opened my eyes to the codependency traits I have. I have been constantly reminding myself to take one moment at a time and this is a progression that takes practice.

I should look for that , thank you KlaraVoyet

You're welcome. :o)

There is a book called "Love Is A Choice" It is a good book. I read it many many years ago.