I Admit It

I try to be independent, I shut out most of my friends, not big on visitors, seek safety in my own compound... and yet somehow I've become codependent on that one. I've done much better at distancing myself from him but there are still times when I just want to lay down and allow someone else take over for me... make my decisions and take away any chance of me having to think.

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4 Responses Apr 6, 2008

Fine line between distancing ourselves from toxic people and isolating. I force myself to have opinions, go meet new people, and delete my "qualifier" from my Facebook, phone and email. It's so hard and uncomfortable, but appropriate boundaries are a huge step.

I kind of feel the same..I think it's from a fear of responsibility/growing up. I am 22, by the way. <br />
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I would really like others to take care of things for me..but not on every level, just materially. I'd still like to do my own thing, otherwise.

This is me big time, finding other people who understand what I am feeling is a tremendous relief.

Don't do it... it's a TRICK! Yeah book, uuhh hhuuhh... like I'd ever believe YOU read... *hehe*