Feeling Lost

I recently broke it off with the man I'd been seeing on and off for two years. I want to be strong and keep away from him as he's not good for me. He's always pushing my buttons. The problem is that he sweet talks me into getting back with him and I fall for it everytime. When we're broken up he's so nice to me. He sends me cards and nice e-mails. When we get back together, he gradually or sometimes quickly becomes mean. I am nice looking, but he picks apart my clothes and hair. Also, and this is the worst, he openly flirts with other women. I'm thinking of changing my e-mail address to get away from him. I'ts too bad because we have such fun together and have so much in common. 

cmcy cmcy
3 Responses Nov 17, 2008

honey.sorry to say but ive been there and it only gets worse.he not the man for you.respect yourself,get rid of him.you will meet someone esle who u can have fun with.learn from this mistake and get a nice guy.u are worth it,we all r.its like an addition maybe.so break it,or u will be going round in circles.change all emails ,phone numbers .throw away post,dont open. x

Wow...that umm...doesn't sound...fun? No point in feeling bad like that.

Yeah, it all seemed clearer when writting down.