i have bad circulation which plays a part in my always being cold. i'm not exactly heavy either so that also doesn't help. i absolutely hate winter, it literally hurts my bones to be cold, yet i refuse to wear a winter coat. i feel like the frickin abominable snowman when i'm wearing a coat. like if i fall down, i'll never be able to get back up. so instead i wear lots and lots of layers. i am literally wearing 2 pair of longjohns and sweats and hoodies all the time. i wear long johns from like august to april. it's horrible. even in the summer when i go swimming, i get so cold, my lips turn blue! my fingers get frost bite too, really easily, because of my bad circulation. maybe i should move somewhere that is warm all the time.

scooper scooper
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I was in a similar situation, but I got used to cold. This winter I decided that the cold isn't going to bother me anymore. Every day I went on my bike, wearing a t shirt, jeans and a light jacket. Obviously, the 1st 5 days I had to defrost myself when I got to the university XD After that I got a flu, but still continued to ride my bike to classes. Now, 2-3 months later, I'm healthy as a horse, and cold doesn't bother me that much.