I Am Officially His Now!

Having slept about as well as anyone can when you are filled with such anticipation you can barely sit still let alone sleep, I began my final preparation for my collaring at 0400 am. I completely shaved my **** and legs for the final time. I douched my **** and rinsed my anus twice with enemas, while I silently calculated how long its been since my last meal 35 hours have passed since I last had anything other than water. I actually marveled at the fact that my body wasn't even whispering for food at all, it was if it knew I would be receiving something today far greater than food. In preparation for the "badges" of his discipline that I would be receiving I applied thick lotions to protect my skin from head to toe and to aid with the healing later.  As I applied the lotion to my *** and thighs, my **** shuddered in anticipation almost daring me to break the rule, but  I resisted as difficult as it was. I applied a thicker layer of lotion to my ***** and inner thighs for I love the lick of my Master's belt on my delicate ****.  I double checked my bag the contracts to be signed, the requested items: clothespins, hairbrush, mixing spoon and camera. I dressed and put my auburn hair into a tight ponytail in anticipation of it being yanked. 

After attending to my vanilla demands, I raced on the three hour drive to become his One. The only thing going faster than my SUV was my pulse and my thoughts. I had to restrain from grinding my **** into the seat to relieve the swollen and wet tension there. I was not going to ruin this for my Master. All of my juices were going to be his.  "BE AT THE ROOM AT 11. YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR YOUR LATENESS--Master"  as I read this text I picked up even more speed. Nothing but perfection of servitude is what I wanted to for him. 

At 10:48 I was entering Room 214, every inch of my body was quivering in anticipation for his touch that it was soon to receive. I quickly began getting ready for him. I no sooner had my pants off, when his knock on the door came. My heart froze for I was not as ready as I wanted to be. The contracts and items were still in my bag and not out as they should be, with a quick thought of making him wait to finish preparing, "**** it I want him now! Punishment be damned!!"  I caught myself quickly glancing up to lock eyes with him, knowing I should keep my head respectively bowed. I leapt into his arms and my lips were locked on his before I heard the click of the door closing. I felt that his need matched mine, and were kissing like we would never get enough, my hands raced towards his **** and began to work it. "Slow down my *****, we have time." he gently reminded me of my place.

"Take off your panties...kneel on the bed *** in the air." The inspection began. Please let him see the effort I have gone to for this I prayed silently. The a loud deafening smack he brought his hand down on my ***, before I could finishing my groan of pleasure, he brought it down again across my other cheek, and my *** searing with heat cried to be mounted. I felt him insert his fingers into my **** and fought the urge to begin ******* his finger. I could hear him behind me removing his clothes, or was he getting his belt, my body tense with anticipation, he entered me with his ****. Once again he gave a few more quick smacks across my ***, knowing that it was what I wanted. I was so pleased that he too had wanted this as much as I. He gave me some quick deep thrusts then withdrew from ****. I fought the urge and bit my tongue to keep from crying out "No, please keep ******* me."  He commanded me to my feet and command me to retrieve the contracts. I was so sure that he could see me shaking with anticipation, I tried desperately to maintain my composure( on the inside I was jumping like some amped up kid). He signed his copy then mine. I then signed his copy then mine. We celebrated this moment with some intense kissing, My **** quivered as he caught my tongue with his teeth. I love kissing him, I think he was designed to kiss me he does it so intuitively.

He then took a seat on the bed and command me to kneel at his feet.  I knelt and began to bow my head I so  wanted more than anything to take his **** in my mouth and it had my full attention. I was aware that he held my new collar, and I thought it was a little strange that I wanted his **** more than my new collar. I chuckled internally, "all that matters the most to is HIM, collar is nice, but I want HIM in ME!!!" I reminded myself, that I wanted the collar above all else, and my hormones are raging because I can see his rock hard ****. He ordered me to raise my head and he placed the collar around my neck.  As adeptly and swiftly, he buckled it  around my neck and gave it a playful tug. He allowed me to take his manhood in my mouth in celebration, he knew that I wanted this above all else, I was so blissful as I slide my mouth all around his shaft. If it ended at that moment, I would have been completely over the moon. 

" Hand me the camera, and kneel there with your hands behind your back.""

" Who are you?" 

" I am your *****."

"Who do you serve?"

"I serve only you Master Ted."

"You are gorgeous My *****."

"Thank you, Master, you are too kind."

"Hurry get up on this bed and mount me, *****!"

As I slide down his penis, "Master my I confess what would make this over the top?"

"Yes my pet , you may"

"If I could share Em with you. I find her very beautiful and I want her. I want to enjoy her with you."

"I can tell you want her, my pet. And I would enjoy watching you with her."

"I forget to thank her for being so good to you on EP."

"You will my pet, and you will write your a story detailing your desire to have her."

"Yes Master"

"Now go down there a suck my **** ...I can tell you want it."

This story will continue with my desire to have Em....t.

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Awesome experience for sure. I would someday like to enjoy this as well. Please add me as a friend. I want to learn more and see more!

The anticipation is gorgeous - please tell us more...