As I was mounted on my Master's **** looking down upon him, he said " You want her, my pet. Tell me what you would do if we had her." His simple request opened a flood gate both in my mind and in my ****. I could feel all of my juices rushing down his shaft. It might have had a shorter answer if he asked me what wouldn't I do. His gaze was both intense and insistant.   I have desired to have her since laying eyes on her beautiful face and whipped reddened breasts.  They were so lusicous and delicious looking nothing artificial or fake.  Her kindness to my Master only made her that more irresistable to me.

I began to tell my Master my fantasy of Em while I continued to ride his **** -

" I would stand her in front of my Master while I stood behind her and I would disrobe her for his pleasure. I would whisper into her hair how gorgeous I found her and how delicious she smelled. I would instruct her to meet my Master's loving gaze and see the pleasure she was bringing him. Once I had her completely disrobed and I made her feel at ease with a gentle massage I would wait for my Master's nod. Once he gave his approval I would lead her to the bed and help her to assume the position for her inspection by guiding her onto her knees and elbows with her *** in the air.  I would kneel in front of her with my hands supporting her *** at her waist.  I would watch with pleasure as my Master inspected her, as he slid his **** into her slit of a ****, I would work her back and forth on his ****.  He would then withdraw his **** from her, and I would know that I would be my duty to clean the taste of her off his ****. Then my Master would give me a quick smack on the *** and a nod and I would know that I was to bathe her from head to toe with my tongue while he watched.  She would lay upon her back with her head in his lap so he could look into her eyes while I bathed her slowly and lovingly with my tongue. I would kiss her deeply and intensely to let her know how much I desired her. Then I would slowly make my way down her neck to her breasts first with my tongue followed closely by my nails. I would take my time with each breast making sure that I sucked the nipples hard and erect then I would flick them violently with my tongue while fingernails continued their race down her sides towards her hips. I would work on both of her breasts until she was moaning in pleasure, then I would continue my way down her belly licking and sucking skin into my mouth as my hands eased her legs apart for my tongue to find her way to her ****. I would tease her by sucking,licking everywhere around her **** but not her ****. I would find immense pleasure in watching her wiggle to make contact with my tongue. My Master would have to remind her to be still or she will be punished. I would continue to tease her trying to get her to rise to the punishment, and after awhile I would continue my way down both legs sucking on her delicious skin tasting every inch of skin until I reached the bottom of her feet. I would find it delightful as she tried to dance away from my tongue while I pleasured her feet. Master would swat her firmly to remind her of her place. Then I would look to my Master to see if I had his approval to eat Em's ****.  If I have it I would make way back up to her *****, I would gently insert my tongue into her to gauge how much she wanted this. I would **** her with my tongue, just so I could taste her in my mouth, then I would lick my fingers and insert them into her and I would curve them just so I could find her pleasure spot and I would give a quick stroke to make her *** alive for me. Then I would suck her **** into my mouth and begin to work it like I work a **** sucking and tugging with my mouth then licking softly and then firmly. I would pay close attention to Em's moans, and body movements to find just the right combination to bring her to ******. I would work her both with my fingers and tongue until her juices were pouring out of her, and I would be listening for my Master's permission to let her *** for me. Right before she came, I would pin her legs down with my forearms, and I would fiercely suck and work her **** with my tongue as I put just enough pressure on her spot with my finger to make her explode into a state of  ecstasy. I would revel in the joy of her begging my Master to **** her since her **** hungered for his **** to fill her. I would met my Master's gaze and know that he would want me to position her on his ****. I would have her kneel on all fours on the bed, and I would slide under her with my face under her soaking wet **** and I would slide her onto his **** while he stood behind her. I would run my tongue from her **** to his balls as the thrust himself deep inside of her. I would wrap my hands around her *** pulling her cheeks a part so my Master could get a good look at his **** ******* her as I continued to **** the both of them with my tongue while their juices flowed down my face as he buried himself balls deep into her succulent ****.  After she had cummed again all over his shaft, I would slide out from under her. Having confessed to my Master that I too wanted to **** her luscious **** with my strap on, I would don my strap on while he continued to **** her. Hearing him smack her *** and their moans would make me insane with delight, and as my Master withdrew from her, I would take his divine **** completely in my mouth tasting the both of them on him. Their juices making my mouth water I would turn to her ***, and I would lube it up with my tongue ******* it and getting it nice and juicy for his ****, and then I would lube up his **** with my mouth. Once they were both properly lubed I would ease her onto his ****, and help her get comfortable there on his shaft. Then I would ease the shaft of my strap on into her *****. I would look her into her eyes and tell her how wonderful she tasted and then I would kiss her deeply and intensely as my Master and I ****** her together. I would massage her heavenly breasts with my tongue and playfully bite her nipples while my fingers found her ****. I would work Em into another fit of ectsasy on the shaft of my strap on. I would delight in this fit as I gazed loving into my Master's eyes. I would kiss Em long, severely and I would whisper into her ear as withdrew from her, "Now it is time for you to pleasure him. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, but now it is your turn to serve him. I will return later when he calls."  I would thank my Master for allowing me to share in his pleasure, with a kiss, and I would whisper in his ear, how much I loved him, but she needed his complete attention."

This is the fantasy that I discussed with my Master as I ****** his ****,and as fantasied about how wonderful this would be I wanted her even more. The fullness of his **** in me and my confession to him of what I wanted to do with him and Em,  my body rocked in climax, at my Master's urging. "*** for me, my *****" he said.

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What a great story. Thanks for sharing. I had a sub girlfriend for about a year, and she taught me a lot about how she felt and what turned her on. Very erotic. You describe your feelings very well.

That was just .... wow. No words. i am straight but could not help but be aroused by this story.